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It is a requirement of every business to maintain a record of all their business’ transactions, in other words, maintain a bookkeeping system. Hence, a bookkeeper is needed to perform this duty – the bookkeeper is the one whose role it is to record the financial transactions. Though it may be done manually, most bookkeepers choose to use a computerised accounting system such as MYOB or QuickBooks.

The united goal of both bookkeepers and accountants is to make sure that all the financial transactions of the business have been correctly recorded, and that information in the form of financial statements is conveyed to both external and internal users, in order to allow the users to make educated economic decisions about how they’re going to allocate their precious resources – i.e. in the case of external users, whether or not to invest in the business, and in the case of internal users, perhaps whether or not they are to continue on with the operations of their business.

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