EXIT STRATEGY – Do you have one?

Keeping You In The Know – Experts Advice Is your business one of the few that actually has a documented exit strategy? An exit strategy is about leaving your business on your terms! And the only way to do this is to plan for the known AND the unknown. Baby Boomers are ‘coming of age’ (that is retirement age) so many small business owners will be exiting from their business to retire during the next 10 years, and are hopefully already planning for this. Some business owners, not yet ready to retire, will also be planning to exit their business, sometimes into another business or to take … [Read more...]

Business Advice

If you are running a business you need advisors that think, care and understand.   At MYC Partners we think, we care and we understand.   We are business owners with qualifications and experience. We have run our own successful businesses, we understand the challenges you face, we think with a focus on solutions and we care about you and your business. … [Read more...]


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